hike to the motley  mountains of the Kuznetsky Ala-Tau

Kuznetsky Alatoo - russian version

Kuznetsky Alatoo - fernch version

Sight at mountains of the Kuznetsky Ala-Too

Irina Lykosova above stone at bottom of NGPI pass

The great pioneer and the beginner tourist, the brave sportsman and the curious passer-by, all of them differently look at the world. KASight* – is the special sight at the Kuznetsky Ala-Too.

The steadfast? Probably, no. Tender? Perhaps. Admired? Definitely. Even excited and hardly the confused. After all the new world, attractive and mysterious was around created.

Misty. Purple lightings. Golden berries. Fields full of violets. Boggy marshes. Morning dew. Evening sky. Lots of creeks. Stone rivers. Up and down, far and wide. Mountains? Fairy tale. Not by accident what "Ala-Too" in Turkic means "Motley mountains." Variegated from a variety of colors, reliefs, flowers, weather and moods.

Eleven days we went, eatting fresh natural food and breathe the fresh mountain air.

KASight - hike report from group of Nizhny Novgorod Mountain Hiking Club about their summer hikes to the Kuznetsky Ala-Too.
  1. sight
  2. show; attraction
  3. on what it is necessary to look at a thing

  4. - Love at first sight — Love at first look
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